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best surveys to earn RS 35,000 per month.

What is Online Survey?

There is a Questionaire of Online Survey, which the user has to complete. The online survey is conducted by a Particular Company, Group, or any individual.
Online Survey

There are many websites or organizations that also give money to complete the survey. Those are called Paid Online Survey.

How to Create an Online Survey?

There are many ways to create a survey if you have knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JS. So you can also create an online survey form by uploading it and uploading it on the Internet.

Today's online survey is the easiest way to create. With Google Docs, anyone can easily create an online survey.

If you want to see the demo of the survey created by Google Docs, then click here.

What is a survey used for?

The online survey is used to gather information about people. Such as Name, Address, Email, Phone, Age, Education, Occupation, Identity Proof Details etc.

Now you are thinking, what will be the benefit to anyone by gathering our information.

So you understand this if you are getting 10 rupees for completing an online survey. So the online survey seller will be getting 30 rupees from that survey.

Can I Make Money With Online Paid Survey Tool?

Can online money be earned if someone asks such questions? Do not understand what to answer. Because the Internet is such a platform, from which money can be made or cannot be earned.

It depends on you, how you want to earn money. And which are your Skills for that method?

For example- If I do not know very well about Blogging. What is SEO, marketing, Adsense etc. So I can not make money from Blogging.

Similarly, if you do not have information about Online Survey. So you cannot earn money by this. This has happened to me.

I created an account on an online Paid Survey website and complete many surveys. But I did not get a single rupee.

Then I came to understand one thing, why not everyone can earn money through Online Paid Survey Tool. Because

Not all Online Paid Survey Tool Website is correct, that is, they only fool people in the name of making money.

If you do not have the right information about making money through Online Survey. So you cannot earn money with the Online Paid Survey Tool.

If you have to try by yourself, then I tell you the name of some popular Indian Survey Website. You can check

  • InboxDolllars
  • iPanelOnline India
  • SurveyHead
  • Brandinstitute
  • GlobleTestMarket

Tips: Friends, according to me Surveying is not a good way to earn money online. Because I have 2 important regions for this.

Your Personal Information Leak is done through Online Survey. With this, in order to earn money, you also enter the information about your housemates in the survey. Due to which they also become Information Leak.

Not all online survey websites are correct, in such a case if you enter your information on these websites. So if you do not get money, the risk increases on all your personal accounts.


Friends, this post talks about Online Paid Survey Tool. Along with this, it has also been told that money can be made by online surveys or not.

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