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best surveys to earn RS 35,000 per month.

What is Online Survey? There is a Questionaire of Online Survey, which the user has to complete. The online survey is conducted by a Particular Company, Group, or any individual. There are many websites or organizations that also give money to complete the survey. Those are called Paid Online Survey. How to Create an Online Survey? There are many ways to create a survey if you have knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JS. So you can also create an online survey form by uploading it and uploading it on the Internet. Today's online survey is the easiest way to create. With Google Docs, anyone can easily create an online survey. If you want to see the demo of the survey created by Google Docs, then click here. What is a survey used for? The online survey is used to gather information about people. Such as Name, Address, Email, Phone, Age, Education, Occupation, Identity Proof Details etc. Now you are thinking, what will be the benefit to anyone by gathering our informatio